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The Art of Open Ended Play



Course Description

Engagement with this course will support practitioners to explore how to;

•develop a highly engaging and creative environment for children
•understand and recognise how to develop STEM and rich learning experiences through open-ended play experiences
•offer children opportunities to express themselves freely and creatively, not bound by pre-set limitations


Open-ended Play – what that means in practice...

•Focusing on the aspects of play that capture children’s imaginations and taking time to explore materials and ideas
•Providing children with endless possibilities to express their creativity freely
•Looking at ways to ensure that children have enriching and memorable experiences
•Supporting practitioners to provide open-ended opportunities to support children’s learning
•Exploring ways to enable learning in a holistic way, through active play with diverse materials.


Course Schedule

 Section 1: release date 14/6/21

Live Chat date Mon 28/6/21 5pm-6pm

Section 2: release date 29/6/21

Live Chat Mon 12/7/21 5pm-6pm

Section 3: release date 13/7/21

Live Chat Mon 26/7/21 5pm-6pm


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